You will never be mine

I want you to be mine, and always just be In your glittering eyes, it is only I that you see But from this slumber, I have been woken And knowing how long I have been so broken
the ugly writers

The River of Paper Swans

Days passed by and the weariness still had a subtle effect on her. The couple tried their best to keep Hao content but their efforts were to no avail. Constant efforts were made by everyone to keep her spirits up but the consistent regret of leaving them made her feel vacant.
the ugly writers


Hell always wants to go to detention just to see Heaven. Although Hell is a pain in the ass, he would always make Heaven smile whenever they meet at the detention.
the ugly writers

A Stone Hits Home

The trick is not to stick with what won’t stick. Life's stories are muddy quarries where worries cloud those under and shroud with their thunder bereft memories like lightning hailing pain for rain.
the ugly writers

The Desire For Tasting Lemons

The Desire For Tasting Lemons is a short story written by Haniya Usmani and shared with The Ugly Writers for the month of July. The Desire For Tasting Lemons Zain sat there intrigued by those yellow citrus fruits lying there…

the ugly writers

Tragic October

Stitches our tattered bond every doubtful night. But your lies, keep ripping us apart. The curtains patch our battles from the world to hear.
the ugly writers

Helping or Enabling?

My thoughts on this are that there are people who would step up in order to show concern for others. A community pantry has been a really good thought for those who have started and those who followed through it.