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It’s no fun writing pretty

We still write what we can’t say

The Ugly Writers community is created to give every closet writers their own voice. We try to turn every whisper to a scream. As oppose to the misconception of people, the art of writing is thriving. And we are here to prove that.

New Submissions


We are more than just writers now.

Visual Arts

For the first time in nine years, The Ugly Writers will now feature mixed media to include photography, painting, and other digital arts.


Photography has long been an essential aspect of writing. From feature images, to in-article images, the inclusion of photos have long been present in TUW. It is about time we share the limelight with another hobby.

Digital Arts

As we open our doors to visual arts, we might as well feature paintings (traditional or digital).

Short Form Videos (soon)

Yeah. Sure. Why not?