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Submissions » Bruno Major releases new first single in three years

Bruno Major releases new first single in three years

“We Were Never Really Friends” is a new single release by Bruno Major. He is a U.K. singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with the help of Harbour Artists & Music / AWAL Recordings.

This single is the first release since his album “To Let a Good Thing Die” in 2020. The song begins as a beautiful piano ballad, with just his distraught vocals and the instrument. Then the drums join in, and the song opens as he sings of the passionate blurring of friendship and romance, and inevitable awful aftermath. It’s a classic rock song in the spirit of McCartney and Lennon (complete with a guitar solo). It is raw emotions, such as a crashed Mercedes and an unresolved appeal to return home.

Kassy Mahea directed the music video for this single and it is a surreal reminiscence through Bruno’s eyes. The dramatic visuals, which feature broad coastal Californian scenery, trace the arc of a romance, which begins with overwhelming infatuation and ends with a vintage Mercedes in flames.

As Bruno describes the song “We Were Never Really Friends,” it depicts the hazy line between friends and lovers. Presumably grieving the loss of a good friend, until finally recognizing that it was always something more.

Bruno will embark on his full international tour in Tokyo on August 8th, making his way through major cities in Southeast Asia before returning to the United States for a night in Denver, CO on September 4th, marking a successful return to the stage after his 2020 tour was postponed due to COVID.

Tickets go on sale on May 12th and may be purchased HERE

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