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Submissions ยป Essence of believing in yourself

Essence of believing in yourself

Photo by: Khoby Munsayac
Photo by: Khoby Munsayac

So, It’s been a rough year. There were tragics and happenings that you didn’t expect to come, you keep on blaming yourself for the things that have gone beyond your control. And here you are still breathing and surviving.

Before this year ends, I hope you become better than what you were back then. All that you’ve felt may serve as vivid memories, but those will surely be your archive that will serve as your lessons to look on to, just in case you gone missing yourself again.

But what truly matters the most is how you plan your new chapter and where to begin with. I suggest you begin to build and trust yourself first. It is in one’s nature to recover, the rediscover. Moreover, I’m proud of what you’ve become. Despite all those struggles, you remained firm and strong. For a trustworthy heart and For the brave soul

Keep on dreaming into something beautiful.

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