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Submissions » Passion, courage, and hard work combined inside a human body. 

Passion, courage, and hard work combined inside a human body. 

If you try to ask the class ABC202 whose Arbit is, they will probably say that he is a responsible student. And chances are, he is not aware of this. 

“Arbit is a person that I am not proud of,” he says. “He made terrible decision he regrets until now but those decisions turned to who I am today”. 

He often interacts with his classmates but always takes time to inform or remind them when there is an announcement. Moreover, Arbit is a man of passion and never forget about the past he had. He believes that whatever he experienced from the past, it made a big impact on molding himself today. 

More than that, since Arbit is a man of passion, he desires to be part of live productions. He found his greatest interests in producing live productions such as Theatre and Concerts. It started when he attended the iKONinManila Concert last November 2918 where he sat at the General Admission. 

“On that day, it was like me having butterflies in my stomach.” He continued “The goosebumps that I had, I want others to have that too. The happiness that I felt, I want others to feel that too.” Moreover, “I love bringing joy to the people who watch the events I make.” 

For Arbit, the very thing that pushes him to produce a one big live production is the feeling he got from watching. His desire is to make people have what he has and give happiness by producing it himself. 

As a responsible student, Arbit also has practices to enhance himself for field of production. In fact, he was the former technical director of National University Government. In that duty, he will be handling a lot of live events that will surely gain him experiences and lessons so that he would be prepared for his future career. 

He prefers to produce theatre plays and concerts among all the live productions. He stated that theatre is about telling stories in an extraordinary manner and concerts give message to the people as to what the artists want to say.

To sum it all, Arbit is a man of passion, courage and hard work. He may not be aware of this but it can be observed by the people around him. Online class could be much harder especially when interacting with classmates. But there are people who can give you genuine bond even if it’s through screens. A person who can vibe on whatever your mood is, and never gets tired on giving you courage in the middle of all-night tasks; and that is Arbit Dela Cruz.

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