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The Mirror

I was still grieving when my mother said it was time to go. Wiping off my tears, I nodded and then stood up.

“We can still go back tomorrow, dear…” she said as she cupped my cheeks.

I didn’t say anything. Instead; I looked back at my Grandpa Alfred’s headstone and sighed heavily.

My Grandpa Alfred died last week and I still couldn’t believe it. I mean, he’s not even sick! At least that was what I thought… He had lied to me. He had made me believe he was perfectly fine when cancer was already killing him. I hated him. I hated him for lying to me.

I used to tell him all my secrets. We were very close. He was not just my grandfather, he was my best friend. My protector…

“Careful…” my mom reminded me as we entered the train. We were on our way to my Grandma Leah’s house.

Granny said she missed us so much so my mom and I decided to visit her. Dad couldn’t come with us. He was very busy at work. Hah! Another liar, for all I knew, he just couldn’t bear to see my grandma because he would just probably cry in front of her. My father loved Grandpa Alfred more than so much. They were pretty close, too.

The familiar sweet scent immediately filled my nostrils as we sauntered inside Grandma’s house. I loved going to this place for the reason that it made me feel safe. But now, it felt really weird because Grandpa Alfred wasn’t here to welcome us.

“I’m glad you came!” and it was just my grandmother now…

“Hi, Granny…” I greeted nonchalantly as I hugged her.

Grandma ushered us into the kitchen after having a little chitchat with my mom. I knew Grandma brought us here so that we could talk about Grandpa. But, I couldn’t handle it, too. I was tired from mourning so I excused myself. I told them I needed some fresh air when the truth was, I just wanted to be alone.


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