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Submissions ยป The Story of the Dew Drops

The Story of the Dew Drops

The moon longs for the Sun

 The winter’s long nights,

Make her desiring and waiting for the sun.

The moon never meets the Sun

And never they will.

The earth will  always remain between the two,

Yet they are inseparable.

During the long winter nights ,the moon’s melancholy

Is felt by the stars.

The sigh of the moon is recorded by the air ,

And we listen to the sounds of the wind

In the cold nights.

Those are the sighs of the moon.

Her sobs are metamorphosed into the fog

And filled the sky.

The pinning of the moon is felt by the nature.

Nature becomes quiet.

The lonely bird stops singing ,

The owl becomes silent.

The curious peeping stars stop peeping down

They Look at the moon .

The moon wants to hide her tears.

Why does the moon yearn for the sun?

The moon’s whole existence is the sun.

In his light the moon is luminous,

In his light it is she,the moon,Her existence.

They shall not meet ever yet one can’t exist without the other.

Without the moon, the glory of the sun is meaningless. 

One completes the other.

The moon wants to find solace in the thoughts.

Inseparable the sun and the moon.

A joy, yet tears flow.

Their inseparable entity will remain

As long as the existence of the earth will endure.

The tears of both joy and sorrow.

Slowly they ascend to the earth.

The clouds touch them gently, the air kisses them softly.

When they land on the earth , they become dew drops.

The earth embraces their arrival.

 Humans call them the dew drops,

When they are the tears of the moon.

The tears manifesting both the joy and sorrow.

Yet declaring the inseparable existence of the the sun and the moon.

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