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Submissions » Tricks Prick, Sticks Pick

Tricks Prick, Sticks Pick

One two choose your sticks

three four prepare for kicks or bricks

five six listen for the bomb as it ticks

seven eight clean your life from all that sticks.

Nine ten prepare to deal with all kinds of tricks.

Experience is a reality with a logic that clicks

with life’s bag of tricks and confusing pricks.

Liars are ones to throw two sticks

giving three or four kinds of hits and kicks.

Lies are pride’s bomb that ticks.

but liars are a gum that sticks

to one’s clothes & shoes and that really stinks.

So cut your chain and deal with their tricks.

For life is a bag of tricks that prick; & sticks that pick.

Go ahead make your pick choose a stick

from life’s bag of tricks but don’t fall for pricks.

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