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Submissions » Where are we when we are vulnerable?

Where are we when we are vulnerable?

Photo by: Khoby Munsayac
Photo by: Khoby Munsayac

It is often said that we feel most vulnerable when our mind is in deep chaos.
We feel vulnerable when our anxiety hits us during midnight.

But what makes it painful?
How does it reach the point where, we don’t know what to do with our lives?

Seldom happen that we resolve our problems in a blink of an eye — the evidence is astronomical.
More so, difficult to resolve.

Emotional and psychological suffering are interdependent. What we feel emotionally, tends to affect our minds. Hence it likely results to being unstable — vulnerable.

I had a conversation with my friend, she told me how painful and unstable her mind was amidst the dilemma of choosing either forgive and give another chance, or just be wise to not go back to the person who broke the fragrance of herself.

She was vulnerable.

The state of being weak, at the same time depending on the amount of love you shared with the person who broke you, is and was never easy to make a wise decision on what to do next.

It was painful, how you were left with nothing but to forgive that person because you loved every single damn of his soul.

When we are at the point of falling, our mind tends to think of what will happen to me after this. Will I still be me without the person I shared my days with? Will I still become the person I was before meeting him/her?

We feel vulnerable when we can’t think nor decide properly, we cannot scrutinize the experiences we had with that person, because chaotic mind often results to unwise decision.

So, it goes back to the question, where are we when we are vulnerable?

We are at the peak of hurting and breaking ourselves more than the actual damage, the person left us.

It is not clear why it always happens to those people who suffered the most and became victims of themselves. It’s rubbish to the point that people don’t actually deserve to feel vulnerable. It’s just so, the idea of love makes a person strong, and weak. Often said, love always ends in heartbreak and empty promises.

My friend gave the person another chance, because she loved him more than enough that she loved herself. Sacrificial love always come from the person who devotes to the theological quote, “give until it hurts and hurts too much.”

People feel vulnerable because they love too much. But that doesn’t mean being vulnerable is a denotation of being good, there are also hidden reasons why we feel vulnerable when we often give and give.

The answer lies within oneself.

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